Saturday, 16 January 2010

Usefull CSS and JScript links

I was looking for some handy books to understand CSS and JavaScript better from a back end developer point of view. I found very good resources suggested by my experienced interface developer co-workers.

For JavaScript, the following are recommended

JavaScript: The Good Parts:

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide:

JavaScript Pro Design Patterns (in particular, has a great chapter on scope):

OO JavaScript:

Also, Doug Crockford’s YUI Theater videos are very useful indeed (and come packed with Crockford attitude).

(The JavaScript Programming Language Parts 1-4, Advanced JavaScript Parts 1-3, An Inconvenient API Parts 1-3)

Complete, amazingly well kept site on all variances between browsers + lots on all main ID issues:

And if you want a proper, technical reference on how closure is used in JavaScript:

CSS-wise, the definitive guide is good for the technical side of how CSS works:, but the reality of how to use it is better described by sites built around IE hacks:

And how to process png24s:

Note that all the above should now be looked at with performance in mind these days. Check YUI’s work:

And the Steve Souder book:

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