Monday, 23 May 2011

Highlights of #UKTechDays 2011 (1st day dev sessions)

UKTechDays 2011
Date: Monday, 23 May 2011
Location: Fulham, London

I attended 2 sessions under cloud topic and all the sessions except from the very first one (and a half!) under The Web topic.

For me, the important highlight of the event was to see presenters from outside Microsoft being invited. For Instance, Bruce Lawson Opera evangelist did a 60 minutes presentation on HTML5. Also a weird thing on Azure topic was the amount of marketing material which was stuffed into it; with three companies showcasing their Azure-Based products in length within the first session.

Highlights on the Azure Sessions:

ü  A-Z of the Windows Azure Platform by David Gristwood
·         Something to have some reading about:
·         SQL Azure: Extending SQL server for relational storage for the cloud.
o    Blob, Table and Queue types new for Windows Azure
·         Azure AppFabric : Infrastructure to connect to the cloud that
o    Connects existing app to the cloud
o    Connects through network boundaries
o    Easily control authorization to apps

Highlights on the Web sessions:

ü  HTML5 - Who, what, when, why? By  Bruce Lawson (@brucel)
·         Very cool features of HTML5
ü  Web development with HTML5 & Internet Explorer By Martin Beeby (@thebeebs)
·         Yes! The same guy who presented on MVC at LBi for the second EPiServer meetup!
·         Demo of using html5 video and audio, IE9 canvas and  JQuery
·         Also jquery.svg.js was recommended: a useful JS library that wraps the SVG and coding SVG is much easier using it.
·         Raphael for Graphs        
·         Also some cool tools recommended:
o    Modernizer: feature detection library for advanced browser features
o    Mire video converter: For converting video types to each other
ü  Enhancing sites with Pinning and Internet Explorer by Stephen Kennedy
·         On IE9 feature that enables your websites to be pinned on taskbar or start menu
·         Details of what classes, methods and properties to be used. (Too much details I would say)
·         For more code/demo on pinning enabled sites:
ü  An introduction to CSS3 for web developers by Rachel Andrew (@rachelandrew)
·         Some of the css 3 features
ü  Getting Tech.Days online by Martin Beeby
·         On how MS guys developed the techdays website using Umraco cms and hosted on Windows azure.
·         Surprisingly Umraco CMS been promoted and Highly recommended on a Microsoft event
ü  Getting Productive with ASP.NET MVC v3 (@Stevensanderson)
·         Vary useful and informative presentation by Steve Sanderson from Microsoft
·         With code demo of 6 items to get the most out of MVC 3
o    NuGet: Package Managing Console
o    MvcScaffolding: Command line version of scaffolding.  Scaffolding:  “quickly generating a basic outline of your software that you can then edit and customise”. Reade more :
o    Ninject.MVC3 : Dependency Injection tool
o    Razor: Updated view engine in MVC3
o    SQL compact
o    IISExpress
ü  Microsoft WebMatrix by Andy Robb
·         Open source platform by MS(!) using ASP.NET, MVC, PHP, Razor
·         Seems like a very quick platform for those who are new to development to get the site up and running quickly
·         Personally I think in practice it can only be used for demo apps or for setting up the platform on the development machine

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