Friday, 10 June 2011

Highlights of Guathon event - London 6th of June

 London developer community ran Guathon a full day event with Scot Guthrie and Steve Sanderson from Microsoft on Monday the 6th.

  • Build an app using ASP.NET MVC 3, EF Code First, NuGet, and IIS by Scott Guthrie
    • New in MVC 4: Intranet application template added to Add new project window
    • EF Code First option: a really nice and clean way to work with data, No need for designer or XML mapping file. Define your class like this: Sample class (Notice that in addition to standard scalar properties, each class has an “association” property. e.g, the “Product” class has a “Category” property that enables you to get access to the Category it belongs to.)
    • Razor the new MVC view engine: Demoed syntax and some of the methods like @RenderBody(), @Renderfooter(), ...
    • modernizer.js : recommended for addig scripts to your html 5 markup so that it can be read in lower browsers.(eg. modernizer.canvas : a method to check if the browser supports canvas.)
    • Glimpse: a neat ASP.NET tool available through nuget - does the same thing for the server-side as firebug does for client-side
  • Dynamic Web UIs with Knockout.js by Steve Sanderson
    • Knockout.js is a JavaScript library that is good for rich client-side interactivity : no overlapping mess of interrelated event handles
    • MVVM pattern: Object oriented java script and declarative bindings
    • Wide browser support and works good with both ASP.NET and JQuery
    • A demo on channel9 if interested :
  • C#5 and asynchronous Web applications by Steve Sanderson
    • Using a post office metaphor model Steve showed us how traditional web request handeling worked which is thread per request. Then he moved on to Evented web request handling which is asynchronous using a restaurant model. He Showed us how C#5 Async works and how neat an easier is to code multi threading application in C#5. 
    • He also mentioned that using the nuget package SignalR most of the functionalities will be available now.
  • Cloud Development by Scott Guthrie
    • In his first public talk on Cloud computing with Windows Azure after he's been moved to Azure team, Scott talked about Azure platform as an overview and the current tools and services available to build quick cloud applications.
    • He also announced that that Azure service deployments are guaranteed a fixed IP address (this wasn't guaranteed before)
I really enjoyed the event and thanks to DDD team for organising it. I will add links and slides letter on if it is posted by the speakers. (There was a promise to put the sample code for online)

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